Social media is blowing up over this picture of a local cop taking a 'snooze' on the job, but is the picture legit?


Facebook believes so.  In fact, Camden resident  George Avalle saw the police officer asleep with his own eyes.  George tells NBC 10, 'he nodded out for a couple minutes, then he got back up.'  He also added, 'When he woke up, I asked him, 'Does he want a coffee?' He said he was tired.'  


The picture was taken at 3rd and Vine in North Camden, which makes this picture even scarier.


Camden Metro Police is currently doing an internal investigation to find out if the picture is 'legitimate'.  I'm going to go ahead and take the residents word for it, the cop is totally sleeping.


I get that we're all human, and sometimes we may fall asleep at the worst/awkward times; but shouldn't you be more responsible/alert if you're a police officer in one of the most dangerous cities in America?


If you fall asleep on the job, you should be fired, especially if you're an officer on duty.  Just my opinion, take it for what it's worth.