Congratulations Laura!  Wow, that cake looks great!  Why do you have a cat on her head?

Graduating from Indiana University is something 22-year-old Laura Gambrel will probably never forget. While she didn't want a big celebration, her mother did order her a cake from a local bakery -- a cake that was not exactly what she had in mind.


Mom got one of those "picture cakes" with Laura's senior photo on the top, but she thought it would be a nice touch to ask the bakery add a graduation cap on top of her daughter's head.


Somehow the baker misheard the instructions and instead put a CAT on Laura's head. The results turned into Reddit gold, with more than 29,000 up votes.


In good spirits, the family thought the misplaced feline was too funny to remove and left the cat on top of Gambrel's head.


Fortunately, the family will have one more chance to get the cake right as Laura is returning to the university in the fall to get her Masters degree.