As graduation season continues, we congratulate those who have reached their goals and move forward to the next chapter in their lives.  Every now and then, however, you hear stories like this...


Meet Virginia and Carmen DeGregorio, both twins, both graduates, and have lost both their parents.


On a day when graduates are honored at Millville High School, the class of 2013 took the time to honor their parents.


According to NBC 40, 'In 2007, retired Millville police officer, Carmen DeGregorio Sr., was killed in a WaWa parking lot after saving a woman's life.  Just a few months ago, the twins' mother, Adrienne DeGregorio, died of breast cancer.'


The twins certainly weren't alone alone during their moment, many friends and family attended. as well as close to 20 Millville police officers.


The twins plan on attending college in Virginia, and will be following their Father's footsteps and study Criminal Justice.