A local sheriff is warning people of a phone scam that could cause you to panic.


How would you feel if a guy named “Sgt. Jackson” called you and claimed that he has a warrant for your arrest? Chances are you would think this is some kind of stupid prank.  You would probably deny the crazy accusation, or you could be saying 'Oh my God, how did they find me??!!'


Prank or no prank, this would still be a confusing and terrifying phone call.  Relax, this is just a phone scam.  According to the Daily Journal, 'An imposter is calling people in Atlantic County and pretending to be a county sheriff’s officer named 'Sgt. Jackson'.   He's not only telling people that he has a warrant for their arrest, but he's also stating that "bail is set at $1,000 and requests they go to Walmart and use the 'Green Account' to wire the bail money."


Don't fall for it! You didn't do anything wrong (that I know of).  If you receive this phone call or have any information that would lead to capturing the perpetrator, your asked to call dispatch officers immediately at (609) 909-7200.