The final analysis for last night's 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards come in the form of 5 things that were definitely learned from the results of the Emmy voting.

Last night's show produced mostly losers - fact is only about 20% of those nominated do win.  The only saying that it's a thrill to be nominated may be true - it represents that you are the best of the past year on TV, but you are not going there to lose are you?

Seems that this year's group of winners produced plenty of shocked faces, creating a few surprises and creating great TV.

Overall it was a good show that produced 5 things we should take away as the final word from this year's Emmys:

1) Big Winners were Modern Family, Homeland, and Louis C.K.

Homeland became the first Showtime series to win an Emmy for Outstanding Series of any kind, and it propelled Damian Lewis into another level of actors with his win.  Lewis has one of the best roles on TV, and maybe the hardest - a soldier back from Iraq after being missing for 8 years, and he may be a "sleeper cell" from the Al-Qaeda.  Throw in his co-star Claire Daines winning, and you have the embracing of a drama that takes what has happened in recent years and makes it believable, intense, and majorly edgy.

I thought The Big Bang Theory was going to be the big winner in the Comedy world, but Modern Family is not letting go - 3 straight years as the Outstanding Comedy Series on TV.  Wins for co-stars Julie Bowen and Eric Stonestreet, each with their 2nd Emmy win in 3 years, just further locks down the bragging rights.

Louis C.K. won 2 Emmy Awards for his writing on his FX series Louie, and his comedy special.  Louis has written for some of the biggest host in Hollywood over the last 15 years (David Letterman, Chris Rock, Conan O'Brien), but now this great secret of his talent is out even further (which is good for him).

2) Trarcy Morgan nearly stole the show

Morgan is crazy, and willing to do just about anything, including lay on the ground and make those who were not watching the show think he had made news for passing out at the Emmys (and the Twitter world went nuts with over 25,000 instant tweets - successful prank pulled off by Jimmy Kimmel), then egging Jimmy on to throw his parents out of the show after he lost the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Show.

3) There was a changing of the guard .........

...... but it was not in the Outstanding Variety Series where many felt this could be the chance for Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon to win here, but Jon Stewart has now won this category 10 straight years - an amazing feat, and Tom Morgan said it best describing Stewart as "all kinds of awesome".  Tom posted Jon's speech, and you can check it out here.

The changing of the guard was for Outstanding Drama Series as Mad Men lost for the first time in 5 years in this category to Homeland.

4) A-List Celebs do come to the Emmy Awards

Kevin Costner, Julianne Moore, and Tom Hanks were there at the Nokia Theater in L.A., and winning an Emmy in their respective categories for TV Movie or Mini Series.  Kimmel had fun with Tom by saying "that guy with the mustache looks a little like Tom Hanks".  Morgan did post all the winners from last night Emmy Awards.

5) Surprises ranged from results to reactions

Jon Cryer seemed legitimately stunned for his win as Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series.  He was on the Red Carpet before the show saying he was not going to win, but no actor had possibly more pressure on him to keep a top comedy at a high level.  Cryer had one of his best season's ever on Two and a Half Men, and he's the reason the show is still on now.

Aaron Paul seemed shocked on his win for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Breaking Bad), but the biggest surprise of the night may have been Julia Louis-Dreyfus winning Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series.  She has pulled off a rare feat having won an acting Emmy for 3 different shows (Seinfeld, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and now Veep), and had a very funny moment when she hugged Amy Poehler on her way to the stage and got Amy's speech mixed in with her own.

Final Surprise comes in the form of 2 snubs - First is if Homeland is as good a show as it is (and It Is!), how did Mandy Patinkin not get a Supporting Actor nomination?

Last Word comes on behalf of Hugh Laurie.  The final season of House did not give him a nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series.  Hugh was nominated 6 times in this category without winning as Dr. House, and should have had a 7th shot.  Could have defeated Lewis from Homeland - probably not, but he should have had that chance.