There were so many good dresses on the Emmy Awards red carpet last night.  But for every great look was a ghastly look.  Here's our list of the worst dressed stars of the night.







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Lena Dunham of Girls in Prada.  We know Lena purposely like to be out there.  She probably chose this gown because she simply like it, or was transfixed by the Prada label.  But her stylist, if she has one, should be handed her pink slip for letting the HBO star walk the red carpet in something so ill fitted, not to mention the matchy-matchy Cirque Du Soleil-like teal eyes.








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Zosia Mammet of Girls in Honor.  And Lena's co-star also has no excuse.  This gown looks like two dresses in one, and neither are flattering.  Good thing the lower half water colors-meet-tie dye ball skirt distract from the fact that it looks like she's wearing a sleep mask across her girls.









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Amanda Peet.  She looks like she forgot she was invited and stopped by either a thrift store or the Downton Abbey wardrobe closet and begged for a frock.  She's relatively young and just looks so unhip in this gown.









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Jessica Pare of Mad Men in Oscar de la Renta.  Such a poorly tailored bustline.  This is an example of why sometimes runway doesn't translate to red carpet.  The fit is all wrong.









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Julie Bowen of Modern Family in Halston Heritage.  This pairing marked one of the night's biggest arrivals disappointments.  As gorgeous as this vintage gown is, it's absolutely swallowed Bowen whole.  Her frame is just too slender for this gown's volume.  It's a dress that would have been filled out much better by her co-star Sofia Vergara.








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Paula Abdul.  Perhaps the former talent judge was channeling the night's trophies.  But sometimes gold is best left to the statues.










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Lena Heady of Game of Thrones.  While Julianne Hough took a worthy risk of wearing a gown with an exposed girdle, there was no payoff in Heady's choice.  She looks like she forgot her slip, and the white pumps just make it seem like she tried too hard.








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Melissa Leo.  I don't care if she's an Emmy winner, or an Oscar winner.  Did she know where she was coming to?  This ensemble is almost purposely abusive.  From the tails to the necktie, this is a moment she is going to look back on and sorely regret.








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Carrie Underwood in Romona Keveza.  This is a perfect example of beautiful girl, wrong dress.  Carrie is so petite in stature that while this gown is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s, it swallows the singer whole.









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Cat Deeley of So You Think You Can Dance! in Armani.  Strategically placed cutouts are right on trend, and I hasten to criticize anything Mr. Armani does, but this looks like a piece of leftover fabric was left on the workroom floor and they simply made do.












Kiernan Shipka of Mad Men.  She's young.  Maybe her mommy made her wear this and gave her no other choices are she would be grounded to her bedroom and forced to stay home.  The placement of the floral appliques make this look like something Shirley Temple would have worn in Heidi when she was 6.