With this year's YouTube Rewind being such an epic fail, parodies have flooded YouTube. It is pretty sad when a video made by the platform is the most disliked video on said platform. 2018's YouTube Rewind beat out the previous reigning champ Justin Bieber with his song "Baby." There was a lot of critique when it came to this year's rewind, which seems to get more and more criticism each year YouTube makes it. Maybe it's time to give up?

I think they should keep going just so that we can be blessed with parodies and hysterical reaction videos, which are way better than the original. This year even the Grinch got onboard and made his very own rewind with help from Cindy Lou Who. They used 2018's trends and some of the biggest hits of the year.

The video titled 2018 YouTube Rewind Parody [Grinch Edition] has racked up over 950,000 views and over 70,000 likes. The comments below agree that this was way better that YouTube's own rewind. One commenter said, "20 sec and already better than YouTube rewind." This is so accurate.

Check out the Grinch's take on 2018 here:

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