If you have THIS on your car, you ARE breaking the law in New Jersey.

police 2

Many people in New Jersey have this on their car and don't even know that it's illegal!


Apparently, you can only have tinted windows on the rear of the vehicle - not the front door windows or windshield. You have to have a doctor's note if you want to have all your windows tinted. (Title 39 - Section 39:3-75.1)

NOTE: And NO, this is not a diss at law enforcement, as some people have accused me of on social media. I am simply relaying the facts of the law, that most of us may not know about. That way, you won't have anyone to blame but yourself if you get a ticket.

Not enough? Check out The Mike Show TV for something else that is ILLEGAL to have in your car - and most of us do, in New Jersey!



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