Are you on holiday cocktail overload? So sorry, but we have just one more for you.

Trust us, you'll be grateful.

A margarita on Christmas Day definitely wouldn't be most people's first choice for a holiday cocktail, but this one looks delightful. Plus, whenever there's an excuse to whip out the chips, salsa and guacamole, you have to take it.

Good Housekeeping shared this video to their Facebook page featuring Delish's recipe for a 'Mistletoe Margarita'. Even if you're not a huge fan of frozen frilly drinks, you're in luck. You can always enjoy this one on the rocks.

Take a look:

With so many different holiday cocktail options out there, a margarita would probably be your last choice. This recipe just might jump to the top of some people's Christmas mixed drink must-try list!

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