As if Target weren't already a place of refuge and bliss, they've now just made going on Target runs even better. Because starting today, you can now grab a bottle of wine at Target for just 5 bucks!

And let the broke-a** wine lovers of the nation rejoice!

On Aug. 28, Target released an announcement that they would be offering this super inexpensive wine on their shelves.

"We’re introducing a new line of wines with profiles—and prices—that'll have you sipping for joy," the release stated.

And now they're here! The line is called California Roots, and they have five different blends of wine crafted from premium California grapes now on Target shelves: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Blend.

You can pick up one (or a few!) of these bottles on your next Target run at one of the 1,100 stores nationwide where they'll be stocked on the shelves, just in time for Labor Day!

Sippin' on wine without breaking the bank? Let's raise a glass to that!


Are you here for this or not so much? And if you've tried it, leave us a comment down below and give us your verdict!

Source: Target

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