It's one thing for your dogs to bring back presents for you from the outdoors, but it's something else when you stumble across something in your yard that ought not be there.

Sure, people find random things in their yard all the time. Usually, though, they're things like balls that were thrown over the fence by the kids next door, maybe a bird egg that's fallen from the huge tree in your backyard, or maybe even the occasional dead squirrel. To come across an almost 6-inch bone in your yard? Now, that's a little bit creepy.

A local resident of Egg Harbor Township recently shared a few pictures to an EHT-based Facebook group asking for opinions of what people think could have dropped into her yard. It looks like a bone. Clearly, it's not one from a bird. There's no way. This thing is entirely too big to be a bird bone. Some commentators did say, though, the bone could have been dropped by a hawk or something.

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All of those suggestions are definite possibilities. Still, if I were the woman, I'd want to know once and for all.

Another person who comment suggested that it could have even been from a pet that had been buried in this woman's yard many year's prior to it surfacing. The woman did admit that it was found near her shed under which a groundhog has sometimes been spotted. Could the groundhog have anything to do with this thing appearing out of nowhere?

Dale Duffy via Facebook
Dale Duffy via Facebook

Like I said, this thing's pretty big, right? What do you think it could be??

Source: Facebook

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