The phenomenon known as Pickleball is invading Atlantic City soon for the World's Largest Pickleball Tournament.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is quickly becoming one of the fasting growing sports in the country. Yes, Pickleball isn't something you EAT, it's something you PLAY.

I had no idea what it was when I was chatting up my neighbor and she cut our convo short to get to 'Pickleball'. My first thought was she was headed to a cocktail party I wasn't invited to, lol. But, she was dressed in athletic gear, so I knew my first assumption was likely incorrect.

Next time I saw her, I picked her brain. I found out Pickleball is pretty much a combination of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton. All things I'm terrible at, by the way, lol.

But local leagues are popping up ALL over. I suddenly feel like I'm surrounded by Pickleball enthusiasts, so it's no surprise there's a global tournament to reward players for their skills.

Where's It Happening?

According to Meet AC (in a press release shared with us), more than 10,000 athletes and spectators are expected to attend the Atlantic City Pickleball Open Indoor Championships at the A.C. Convention Center September 19th through September 24th.

Reportedly, the event will be the largest indoor sanctioned PRO / AMATEUR / JUNIOR / PARA-ATHLETE Pickleball Tournament in the Mid Atlantic area this year.

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Why Atlantic City?

Executive Director of Pickleball Entertainment Consultants, LLC Jim Ludwig states, “There was no question as to where we wanted to host the world’s largest indoor Pickleball event. We enjoy the excitement of Atlantic City and all it has to offer. The local players have been so helpful, and  we are excited to have them as part of our team to create an event the community will be proud of year  after year."

Want to play?

For more information and how to register, please visit

P.S. It's estimated the tournament could result in more than $7 million in revenue for Atlantic City over its six day stretch.

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