A woman went berserk in a Harrison QuickChek knocking items on the floor and throwing items over her shoulder in a seemingly unprovoked rampage. In the video, you'll see begin her tear through the convenience store by sweeping items off the shelf with her arm while remaining silent.

It doesn’t seem like another customer or employee said or did anything to initiate the outburst. After knocking cans off the shelf, she marches to the cash register clutching her Pringles, detours to the energy drinks and then waits for the cashier to check her out. The cashier does not help her. The woman then turns and flips the canister over her shoulder as she storms out. She’s not done being a pain in the ass, though, as she peels out of the parking lot and nearly causes two crashes. The video allowed authorities to get her license plate number, so she should be getting in trouble.


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