We're not foolin' this April, we're FUELIN'!

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It's our annual 'April Fuel's Day'!

No tricks here! To start the new month, we're giving you the chance to win a $25 Wawa gift card to help gas up your ride! You've just got have the SoJO 104.9 app, which is FREE to download in your app store!

Gas prices are on the rise in South Jersey, so this comes at a perfect time!

Hand holding gasoline nozzle
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Make sure you turn on ALL alerts and notifications. Then, just keep your phone handy and look for the 'FILL 'ER UP!' app alert to pop up! That will be your chance to call in and nab a gas card!

You can even call our studio right from the home screen of our app!

**Must be 18 to win. Must be a NJ resident. All gift cards will be mailed directly to winners within 30 days of contest as the SoJO 104.9 business office remains closed due to COVID-19.

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