Officials are taking steps closer to adding 'skill-based' games, like Guitar Hero, to their casinos.

Am I wrong for totally being excited at the idea of games like Guitar Hero to be played in Atlantic City?

Sure, they're known for their slots and tables but now agencies are looking to add video games or skill games to their gambling halls.

On Tuesday, the rules showed that player's will be able to use their physical or mental abilities compared to slots or gambling that are based completely on chance.

Former AC mayor and State Senator Jim Whelan thinks millennials will start making their way to Atlantic City if casinos have these sorts of games.

And to be honest, I couldn't agree more. Slots have never appealed to me, but games like 'Guitar Hero' are fun AND competitive.

We won't be seeing 'Guitar Hero,''Angry Birds,' and 'Words with Friends' any time soon due to some kinks and regulations that need to be smoothed out. BUT I can totally see this becoming a cool attraction for Atlantic City if it passes.