The Great Nor'Easter, Wildwood's popular rollercoaster at Morey's Surfside Pier, is getting a $5 million dollar makeover.

The 21-year-old 50 miles per hour roller coaster is reportedly in need of repair. According to, the coaster is lacking in the smoothness department, and something going that fast shouldn't be a bumpy ride!

Hence, why Morey's dishing out $5 million to smooth out the ride.

The project started back on Labor Day, leaving the Great Nor'Easter to look like a coaster on the set of a "Final Destination' movie (thanks for that comparison!). But, no worries after the installation of magnetic brakes, the coaster is expected to stop a lot smoother.

Aside from the brake installation, once the project is over we should be expected a sparkly new and renovated ride.

Can't wait for the springtime!


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