Well, it looks like thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, drinking on the streets of Wildwood is legal.... for now.

It's one thing to see people walking the streets of North Wildwood with drinks in hand during a festival like Irish Weekend, Boots on The Beach, or Firemen's Weekend. Those are special circumstances. But, to see people walking around with open containers of alcohol on a normal summer beach day? Not exactly a commonplace sight.

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That's temporarily changed however after the announcement from North Wildwood's mayor last week. Mayor Patrick Rosanello has eased restrictions on open container laws outside of bars and other establishments with liquor licenses that now allow them to set up designated drinking areas outside. People can come get liquor for take-out and enjoy it with friends right out in the open. Social distancing is, of course, still expected from those who choose to partake.

CBS revealed that the for the drinking areas came from authorities assuming people would do it anyway, so the powers-that-be took a proactive approach in trying to make it easier on law enforcement. Now that it's legal, the police don't have spend their time issuing citations for people sharing a drink with friends outside.

The ease on open container restrictions make North Wildwood look a lot like New Orleans on any normal day. Of course, the pull-backs will only remain in effect while restaurants and bars are restricted to take-out services.

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