Do you have a favorite spot to hit up for breakfast in your neck of the woods?

Whether it's a local mom-and-pop shop or a chain, chances are you wake up craving whatever your favorite dish is from there every now and again. Don't know about you, but breakfast is my absolute favorite meal. It doesn't matter whether I'm going out to eat, getting take-out, or cooking it at home, I LOVE breakfast more than any other meal or snack of the day.

It's too bad I don't get to eat it all the time, but when I do get the chance to go grab some morning grub, I always take full advantage of the opportunity.

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I got a hankering for some real breakfast food this morning (not just the protein shake that I normally drink), and here in Northfield, there a plenty of places near the station for me to order from. When I can't decide off the top of my head where I'll be placing my order, I go to Google Maps and start dragging it around to give myself a better idea of which places are close enough for me to go pick something up.

This morning, I landed on Denny's on Tilton Road in Northfield. Who doesn't love a good ole' Grand Slam breakfast? Once I was on the website, I discovered something that I didn't expect to uncover. Did you know that there are only seven Denny's locations in all of New Jersey? Bet you didn't know that the majority of them are right here in South Jersey.

Four out of the seven lie within the parameters of Atlantic and Cumberland Counties. Atlantic County has two: locations in Galloway and Northfield. The other two are in Cumberland County, one in Millville, the other in Vineland.

If you're ever craving that Grand Slam, at least you know there's likely a Denny's location nearby for you to snag one.

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