Divorce is never an easy process.  You try to be civilized during this process, but then something may happen that makes this process get downright messy.  For a couple that has ties to the Philly area, it now has become a battle for custody of shoes -- hers!

This is not your typical divorce case in that the couple separated 3 years ago, and the "wife" in this case has been seen a great deal in the local and national media.

Beth Shak has made a name for herself as one of the more successful female professional poker players in America.  Shak has been seen in Atlantic City playing in many different levels of tournament poker (she won about $27,000 in Dec. of 2010 at Harrah's during a World Series of Poker circuit event).  Her live tournament earnings is in the neighborhood of $500,000 (much more if you factor her past on-line earnings).

Beth has been seen on TV with her poker skills, in her search for love on The Millionaire Matchmaker, MTV Cribs showing off her place, and even NY Ink.  What has garnered Shak the most attention lately is her shoe collection - all 1,200 pairs!

According to Philly.com, Beth Shak's collection is believed to be the biggest private shoe collection in America, and this is no ordinary collection.  The sitting room of her place is now her shoe closet, filled with 700 pairs of Christian Louboutins - not exactly off the rack stuff.  This guy created Beth's favorite shoes - $4,000-plus rose-gold heels with spiky straps and Swarovski crystals that only she, Victoria Beckham, and 10 other people own.

The 43-yr-old mother of 3 is sporting a shoe collection worth an estimated $1 Million, and now her ex is suing for 35% of her collection.

Dan Shak is a successful hedge fund manager who has carved out a very successful professional poker career with live tournament earnings around $4 Million!  Dan is currently in Las Vegas competing at the World Series of Poker and is in contention for Player of the Year with 5 tournament cashes in the last 3 weeks there.

Shak is not hurting for money, but is claiming his ex hid this collection from him in their Manhattan apartment which was valued at $7.5 Million!

MSNBC reports that Beth has taken her shoe hoard to Bryn Mawr since her separation - taking up three closets in the house, making you wonder how you could miss this collection of shoes.  Dan claims he only found out about the existence of her collection of shoes last summer, and has asked a local court for an accounting of her shoes.