Well, the first week of school is almost through. Can you believe the new school year has already begun? It seems like summer came and went so quickly this year, doesn't it?

While everyone in South Jersey was eager to share their child's pictures from the first day (or week) of school, many weren't prepared for the issues they would have to voice about the transportation to and from so soon within a few districts. It's pretty evident that parents within the Hamilton Township School District in Atlantic County are experiencing some issues with the bussing system.

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Multiple parents have taken to social media to voice their frustrations about how late their elementary school students have been getting dropped back off at home this week. One parent even stated that her kindergartner didn't arrive back home until almost seven o'clock in the evening one day this week. If so many issues are already happening within this first week of school, how is the rest of the year going to compare?

Many parents within the Mays Landing area have stated that they've never had a problem with the school buses in town. The parents that are experiencing issues, however, aren't alone.

While it's not uncommon for some kinks in the transportation system to arise within the first week of school, it's not fair to blame the parents for their fear and uncertainty regarding what to expect for the remainder of the year. It is important to remember, however, that there is currently a bus driver shortage within the Garden State. Many drivers are having to do double runs, and with the rough weather and rain South Jersey has experienced this week, that, no doubt, played a part in the children arriving home that late from school.

Better to arrive home late and safe, wouldn't you say? Still, the question remains - do you think the issues with school bus transportation this week in Mays Landing are just due to it being the first week back to school or is there a bigger issue that needs to be addressed?

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