WOW it's been hot lately, and I grew up in Georgia, so I know a few things about hot summer days!


Thermometer Sun 40 Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures


But with the temperature expected to be near 100 degrees today, I was wondering:

What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in New Jersey?

Well, according the ultimate of all resources, Wikipedia, the highest temperature recorded in New Jersey was 110 F in Runyon, NJ (Old Bridge Twp) on July 10, 1936.

I like extremes, so I checked on the lowest temperature recorded in New Jersey. That was -34 F (34 degrees below zero) in River Vale, NJ (Bergen County) on January 5, 1904!

So 110 is the hottest in New Jersey, but not the hottest temperature recorded in the United States. The hottest spot in the USA was in appropriately named Furnace Creek, California where on July 10, 1913 it was 134 F!

For all you global warming people who are reading this, keep in mind that all these records were set in the early part of LAST CENTURY. Just sayin'...

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