Can you imagine if the Phillie Phanaitic didn't look like the Phillie Phanatic?

A few years ago, the was a slight change to the Phillies mascot after a court battle forced the team to slightly alter his look, which included lighter-green fur, arm-scales, star-shaped eyelids, powder-blue feathers, a longer tail, a shorter nose and red shoes.

The "Evolved" Phanatic is gone (Frank Klose/Sports Talk Philly)
The "Evolved" Phanatic is gone (Frank Klose/Sports Talk Philly)

The Phanatic returned to his original beginning in the 2022 season after a settlement with the creators.

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But what if the team used a program called Midjourney, an AI tool, to design the team's longtime mascot?

That's exactly what the marketing team at did, using words like "Phillies mascot" to tell the AI program what they wanted.

The result? Let's just say, thankfully there was no AI technology when the Phillies designed their mascot during the winter after the 1976 season when he was created, and before finally making his debut on April 25, 1978 at The Vet.

So here is how the AI version of the mascot turned out. Not great.

Today the Phillie Phantic is one of the most recognizable mascots in North American sports.

See how all the MLB mascots turned out here.

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