Have you ever sat on the beach and wondered what was buried underneath the sand you’re sitting on? If not, maybe it’s time to get curious. We discovered two interesting landmarks that are now hidden from view on our Cape May beaches.

The “railroad tracks to nowhere” as locals have nicknamed them made an appearance on Sunset Beach a little over a year ago. A few stories rumor the railroad tracks to belong to an old trolley route or a magnesium removal operation. However, these rails once buried under the sand apparently belonged to an old sand mining operation which took place in the early 1900’s.

The one thing that rings true is that their existence was forgotten about as many beachgoers sat on their chairs just feet above the historic tracks!

Our other underground attraction sits under the sand at Cape May Point State Park. While tourists can gawk at the above ground World War II bunker they might not realize what lies beneath: gun towers and a tunnel entrance. Once visible to visitors these landmarks now lie out of eyesight due to beach restoration sand being added.

The two gun towers which are located to the front of the bunker on either side once held large artillery. Long after the war but prior to being buried, these structures were accessible at low tide where you were able to look in and around them, usually finding small fish or critters which got trapped in a pool until the tide came back in. The tunnel entrance located behind the bunker once revealed a small corner which you could also walk around.

Both landmarks offer a taste of the history which remains buried beneath the Jersey shore sands and makes us wonder- what other things are down there that we haven’t discovered yet?

This blog was written by Nicole Alexander, a freelance writer at Townsquare Media Atlantic City.

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