We know where The Big Man in Red would be getting his coffee, that's for sure.

Santa Claus spends his time in the sub-freezing temperatures of the North Pole, eating milk and cookies and packing on some extra 'padding' for his long night of delivery presents on Christmas Eve.

But if he were from South Jersey, he might have a bit more fun. Here's what we think Ol' St. Nick would be up to if he relocated.


  • 1

    He'd Be Hitting Up Wawa on the Regular

    Santa would be fueling up on Wawa coffee in the morning, and going on late-night hoagie runs, just like us.

  • 2

    He'd Equip His Sleigh With EZ Pass

    Santa would get well acquainted with our friends at SJTA to make sure he isn't held up at the 'cash only' tolls.

  • 3

    He'd Have Sand in His Boots

    Those strolls down the Jersey Shore beach would be scenic, but a little messy.

  • 4

    He'd Gift Mrs. Claus with Salt Water Taffy

    I'm sure they have delightful treats in the North Pole, but one taste of a legendary salt water taffy and Mrs. Claus would be hooked.

  • 5

    He'd Eat Blueberry Pancakes & Pork Roll

    Ah, the South Jersey Breakfast of Champions! Santa might be spotted at the corner of the counter at any given Gilchrist Restaurant indulging in blueberry pancakes and a Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese sandwich.

  • 6

    He'd Perfectly Navigate a Circle

    If Santa were from South Jersey, he'd know to yield his sleigh at a traffic circle, and never just completely STOP.

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