Some people are so devoted to tweeting and texting sometimes I think they only way you'd get them to let go of their cell phone would be to pry it from their cold dead hands.  But a new app wants to make sure you can hold onto your social media addiction long after your gone.

An app called LivesOn is set to go live next month.  The company's slogan?  "When your heart stops beating, you'll keep tweeting. Welcome to your social after life."

According to ABC News, the app was designed for those who feel the world couldn't goon without their 140 character pieces of genius should tragedy should befall them.

The app schedules "ghost tweets" from dead hosts' accounts using artificial intelligence to analyze pre-existing posts from a user's feed and then posting about topics the deceased tweeter would likely write themselves, or which articles the users would share with others.

This way with LivesOn, even when you're gone, you'll live on in Cyber Space.  Creepy.