The game you played in middle school gym class that became a hit movie in 2004 is now more popular than ever - proof may be from one YouTube moment that has been viewed nearly 5 Million times in less than 96 hours.The moment came at Kean University in northern Jersey.  Take a gathering of some guys playing Dodgeball - seems like an ordinary day in a intramural sport on campus turns out to be a shining moment for one unnamed player.

Just in case you are not familiar with the game of Dodgeball, the object of the game is to eliminate all members of an opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by an opposing player, or forcing them out of bounds when a ball is thrown at them.

Now as you check out this YouTube moment, who will see a player highlighted that will avoid a ball thrown at him with a jump that looks like a ninja round kick - the athleticism will have you wondering how did he pull this off.

This move has to make you wonder what he does to develop that kind of jump, and I do not recollect that kind of move in the Dodgeball movie - then again I do not think Vince Vaughn could pull that off.  He's very funny and talented, but that athletic?  Let's remember the greatness of the 2004 comedy that spurred an interest in the childhood game that is now ..... could replace hockey in arenas that are not having NHL action?  Enjoy the trailer!


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