While everyone else waits for fall to bring the cherished PSL, I wait all year for Wawa to bring back their turkey bowl AKA the Gobbler. You can have your pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice air fresheners, I just want my Thanksgiving meal in a bowl. Truly, I believe that the Wawa Gobbler is a way better fall treat than the cliche PSL...fight me.

Every basic girl starts their countdown in July for fall. They just can't wait to get their hands on the PSL and post their fall-themed photos to Instagram. Not this girl. No siree Bob. True confession, my first time trying a pumpkin spice latte was just last year, so I am a bit of a PSL newbie.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday by far because the food is the BEST. Try and name a holiday that has better food associated with it. St. Patrick's Day is a close second. Wawa allows you to have your very own mini Thanksgiving meal whenever you want. Thanksgiving is the ultimate fall holiday, between the decor and the hardy meal it's truly the fall holiday.

The PSL provides zero sustenance, it's all sugar and caffeine. That will get you through the first hour of your day before you crash. It's pretty useless.

It has been proven turkey doesn't make you sleepy, the post-Thanksgiving meal nap is caused by the sheer volume of food you ate. The Gobbler gives you carbs, fat, protein, and sugar which will keep you full and ready to take on the rest of the day. Plus cranberries are great at preventing UTIs, they help lower bad cholesterol, and they are considered a superfood.

Don't be a basic girl this fall. Make the right choice and declare your love for the Wawa Gobbler.

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