If your definition of getting back to normal includes getting your own coffee or beverages at Wawa, you are on your way to normality.

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Wawa announced Monday they are allowing customers to again pour their own coffee and use soda machines at several New Jersey stores.

Wawa says self-service beverages have resumed in about 10 stores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and in less than 60 stores nationally. Wawa did not say exactly which stores are the first to return to self service beverages.

Wawa stopped letting customers make their own coffee and use self-service beverage machines in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. Since March, Wawa employees have been serving customers their drinks.

According to CBS 3, Wawa has also added several safety measures for self-service coffee areas:

  • Wrapped stirrers
  • Tissue paper for customer use with the pour handle
  • Social distancing markers to enable customers to maintain a safe distance
  • The presence of the Wawa Clean Force in store, associates dedicated to continuous cleaning tasks


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