Wow, did I do that? It's a bit of a blur, but yes. I successfully rappelled 16 stories down the side of a building.

My experience of going Over The Edge for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Atlantic and Cape May County at Sheraton Convention Center Hotel in Atlantic City Saturday was breathtaking. Literally. After weeks of feeling no fear, I woke up with a calmness I can only describe as deep contemplation. Deep down I knew I was in good hands, but I was weighing whether or not I really wanted to be that adventurous.

Strapping into my safety harnesses and paying extremely close attention to my training session, I could feel my heart pumping. It wasn't exactly the giddy adrenaline rush I had expected. And as we took the elevator up to Sheraton's Presidential Suite, I suddenly panicked that, for me, there was only one way down.

As I watched fellow 'edgers' go over the ledge of the building, my nerves began to build. I nearly asked to be set free. But then as I was connected to the rappelling ropes and, one step at a time, made my way over, I realized I was fulfilling a huge bucket list goal. And while I have slight memory loss of my descent (and wondering to myself 'where the heck is the ground?!'), it began to sink in that this was something I put my mind to that only me, myself and I could see through. Though as I heard the cheers of my family, friends, and co-workers I realized that although I felt alone up on that rope, I wasn't. And knowing that I brought awareness to such a worthy community organization, one that helps local youth find strength and courage everyday with the connections they make, it's something I would do again in a heartbeat.

Special thanks to the entire Big Brothers/Big Sisters team, the welcoming staff at Sheraton, the Over The Edge professionals who kept me safe (and gave me the ride of my life), Townsquare Media, and, of course, the loyal SoJO 104.9 fans who sent me such positive vibes over the last few weeks.


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