These parents are getting a lot of heat online after playing this prank on their son, that brought him to tears. Warning: there are F-bombs.

I was browsing through Philly Voice when I came across the headline: "Horrible parents prank kids to tears, [...]Instantly I assumed it was a light-hearted prank some people online took too seriously, because you know we live in a 'Nerf-Nation' as Mike would say.

I was completely wrong, and also shocked to watch this video made by Mike Martin,"DaddyOFive" on YouTube. He and his wife, 'MommyOFive,' decided to prank their son, Cody, with Invisible Ink since he spilled real ink on the carpet not too long ago.

Sounds like an innocent prank, until you watch HOW they decided to execute it. Click to watch the video below since the parents blocked it from being shared. WARNING once again - there's cursing:

This was not funny. At all. To make matters worse, 'DaddyOFive' posted a response video to "all the haters."

The mixed reactions from the video's comments are overwhelming. Most are angry with the parents for pranking their child like this. But, there are some defending the parents saying it was just a prank.

No, no, no, no, no. There are many ways to prank your child. Pranking them to this extent is not OK.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive. What are your thoughts?

In the meantime, watch how to properly prank your child:

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