Singer Harry Styles showed Wawa convenience store some love during his recent concert stop at Wells Fargo Center in Philly.

Between songs on Friday night, Harry stopped down the music to give his audience a brief history lesson on the City of Brotherly Love, like that Philly was home of the first U.S. zoo. We all appreciated that, since he seemed to know his stuff.

But you can imagine the crowd went WILD when Harry mentioned Wawa. 'Wawa, baby! WAWAAAA!', he yelled. Check out some video of the shout out below (courtesy of sparkle tea/YouTube)!

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Harry seems to have affection for Wawa. He was spotted inside a Delaware one a couple years ago, and we wouldn't be surprised if he hit another one on his way into or out of Philadelphia.

Wawa got a lot of love this weekend. It was also featured prominently in the now Emmy Award-winning HBO series 'Mare of Easttown', starring Kate Winslet and Evan Peters.

Harry also ribbed a fan who seemed to be too busy texting during the show to even notice he was talking right to her, lol. You can check out that clip below.

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