After a day of protests outside Centerfolds Cabaret, a group of hundreds of protestors received the decision they wanted.

Pleasantville City Council members voted to revoke the mercantile license of the strip club on Wednesday night following the death of Irving Mayren-Guzman last month.

The protestors, led by members of Mayren-Guzman's family and by El Pueblo of Atlantic City rallied outside Centerfolds earlier Wednesday, marching from the strip club to City Hall and demanding that council vote remove the club's license.

Police say 19-year-old Mayren-Guzman was last seen on January 23 leaving Centerfolds Cabaret on Delilah Road, where he and friends had been allowed to enter even though they were underage.

Jamaul Timberlake, 30, of Atlantic City, John Hands, 24, of Pleasantville and Garnell Hands, 29, of Pleasantville have all been charged with 2nd degree aggravated assault and conspiracy in connection with the man's death.

Authorities say the victim was brutally attacked after an argument with one of the suspects.

After the assault, authorities say the suspects returned to the strip club while security stayed with the victim. At some point, Mayren-Guzman ran away from the business.

His body was later found on January 25 in a marsh just east of Centerfolds.

"At least they're going to close the place. It won't happen again with somebody else," said Mayren-Guzman's mother, Zara Mayren told 6ABC after Wednesday night's decision.

Over the last decade, the club has faced multiple complaints of allowing lewd activity with audience participation. It also has been charged with being delinquent on tax payments and other licensing violations.

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