Lace up and walk to support suicide awareness and prevention.

I know from personal experience that when someone has feelings of wanting to self-harm, they can feel very alone. It's hard to know where you can turn and who you can talk to. And for friends and family of someone who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts, they often don't know what to say or how to comfort that person.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is walk. Walk to show your support to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

During National Suicide Prevention Month (September), the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is asking YOU to save lives and bring hope to those struggling, just by joining a walk.

Friends and family of someone who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts often aren't sure how to lend support beyond reassuring that person how important they are to you.  Participating in a walk is a simple to show solidarity, fight the stigma of mental health issues, and raise awareness about prevention.

Just being there can show someone in need that you care, even when you can't find the words. Also, if you're someone who's struggling, you'll find support at these walks from people just like you.

In fact, there's numerous walks happening across South Jersey, like the Out of the Darkness Walk on the Ventnor Boardwalk on September 28th from 9-12 pm.

For more details, visit The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention event page.