Some people sadly don't learn after making a mistake.  In the case of Anderson Sotomayor the mistake was repeated, compounded, and after getting 2nd chances finds himself in jail after yet another DUI - his 6th in less than 3 months.

The Vineland man has now gained national attention after being a no-show for his court appearance yesterday.  A warrant was immediately issued for his arrest, and in less than 24 hours Sotomayor was found, and once again was drunk and behind the wheel of a vehicle.

NBC10 in Philly reports that Sotomayor was pulled over and arrested at 7th and Chestnut in Vineland.  When Sotomayor saw police, investigators say he threw alcoholic beverages out of his vehicle.  He was pulled over, refused to take a breathalyzer test, and arrested.

The 45-yr-old Vineland native had a 5-week stretch between April 9th and May 16th with 5 DUI instances - 2 included collisions (one of those with a school bus).  According to CBS3 in Philly, the DMV has on record that Sotomayor has had his license suspended 23 times since 1985.

Sotomayor is charged with driving while intoxicated, refusal of a breathalyzer and criminal contempt for missing court.  Anybody convicted of driving under the influence two times or more within 60 days would be guilty of a fourth-degree crime and have their license suspended.  The offense would be punishable by a $10,000 fine, 18 months in prison.