Galloway Township police will call a meeting with school officials to investigate why Absegami High School chose to hold an outdoor graduation ceremony under the threat of severe weather.

     According to the Press Of Atlantic City, Great Egg Harbor Regional School District has been summoned to answer for their decision to continue with Thursday evening's out door graduation ceremony as heavy thunder and hail storms loomed in the distance.  Lt. Paul Doomer said of the event:

“It was chaotic,” Dooner said. “People were racing (away from the storm).”

Thousands of onlookers on the grounds Absegami High School and the more than 400 Class of 2012 students ran for cover from pelts of hail and hard rain as lightening struck the horizon.  Dark, ominous clouds took on a funnel-like shape leaving many to wonder if a tornado was headed their way.  Though no serious injuries were reported during the hysteria, two people were taken to nearby AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center--Mainland Campus to be treated for seizures and asthma.

Great Egg Harbor Regional School District President John Houck tell the Press Of AC he conferred with Superintendent Steven Ciccariello before deciding (along with the student body) to chance the weather and move ahead with the oudoor festivities.

“It’s a touchy call. They always are,” he said. “We go through this every year. You just never know.”

Watch the incredible video taken by 18-year old Matthew Blanchard of Galloway!

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