Earlier this week, we told you why you were sitting (needlessly) in traffic on Wrangleboro Road at the Black Horse Pike in Hamilton Township. Now, here's a small victory to pass along.

Shortly after that story was posted, many people in our area chimed in on Facebook...

After sitting there for weeks seemingly doing nothing, the big truck with the blinking arrow and all of the orange construction barrels on the jughandle from Wrangleboro Road to the Pike are gone as of the other morning!

One lane reopened at Wrangleboro Road and the Black Horse Pike - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

Now, we're not saying your venting on Facebook had anything to do with it, but we're also not saying that (lol).

Next item up on our list of things to get rid of at this intersection: how about reopening the exit lane on the Pike to get to Wrangleboro Road and taking down those two stop signs!