Recently, we mentioned a sweet baby boy named Benjamin Graham from Elmer, who has been battling neuroblastoma cancer since 2015. In the efforts to keep him fighting, his mother Amanda was asking for the South Jersey community to send birthday cards to his room at C.H.O.P. for his upcoming 4th birthday in April. However, as of 4:10 this morning, Benjamin did not make it.

Our hearts are broken for the family, but at peace knowing that Benjamin is no longer in pain. However, our hearts are still hurting for Amanda and the family as they begin to start a life without their baby boy, Ben.

In which case, the community is banning together to help Amanda, her Husband Wayne and their 4 other children cope with the loss by sending THEM cards instead! The Mizpah Volunteer Fire Company, who had made Ben an honorary firefighter to fulfill his dreams  before his time ended, is inviting the community to send cards and loving condolences to their little workin' man and his beloved family.

Ben has been inducted as not only an honorary Firefighter with the Mizpah Volunteer Fire company, but has also been dubbed an honorary State Trooper by the NJPD:

All cards can be addressed to:
Mizpah Volunteer Fire House 
6478 Dehirsch Ave
Mizpah, New Jersey 08342

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