Residents in Washington State sure got an air show from one naval pilot, who decided to draw this male body part in the sky.

SOMEONE is definitely is BIG trouble.

Officials at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island said in a statement to NBC:

"[sic] members of the Navy are "held to the highest standards" and that the "actions of this aircrew were wholly unacceptable and antithetical to Navy core values." (NBC News)

They also go on to mention this was an "irresponsible and immature act," which they are currently investigating.

Vice Admiral Mike Shoemaker, of Naval Air Forces had this to say about the incident:

"The American people rightfully expect that those who wear the Wings of Gold exhibit a level of maturity commensurate with the missions and aircraft with which they've been entrusted," [sic] "Naval aviation continually strives to foster an environment of dignity and respect. Sophomoric and immature antics of a sexual nature have no place in Naval aviation today."

I have zero idea what this naval officer was thinking when he/she pulled this stunt, Thursday morning.

I will also not pretend that I didn't laugh when I saw that someone drew this in the sky. Best of luck to the naval pilot who is about to have his a** handed to him.

Source: NBC News | Buzzfeed

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