It was two years ago that young Dulce Maria Alavez, then 5-years-old went missing in Bridgeton.

Alavez was playing in a park, with her mother in a car nearby, when she disappeared.

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Searches began almost immediately and continued for weeks and months with no strong leads as to what happened to her.

It's known that some in the community were not the most cooperative with authorities, and many questions remain about what really happened.

In a joint statement, current Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-Mcrae and Bridgeton Police Chief Michael Gaimari say they still hold out hope that Ducle - who would now be 7-years-old - is still alive.

In the joint statement, Webb-Mcrae and Gaimari say that authorities are still actively pursuing the case.  Several agencies continue to work to "those who are responsible for Ducle's disappearance."

Th National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has produced an estimated age-progression image of Ducle - what she would look like today:

Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office
Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office

The statement says that authorities "still hold out hope that Dulce is alive" and say, "We have no evidence of her demise."

They say the investigation continues and they will continue to work to find the person or persons responsible for Dulce's disappearance.

SOURCE: Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office

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