Winslow police have found the two teens responsible for hurling giant rocks at cars driving down the Atlantic City Expressway. reports, the boy and girl (both 14-years-old) were finally caught on Friday red-handed with a bucket full of rocks. Thanks to their awful shenanigans, it caused damaged and injured two people over a course of six weeks.

The incidents started happening July 9, when Winslow Police received a report that a vehicle was hit with a rock on the westbound side of the AC Expressway.

Within six weeks, more and more cars were hit with large rocks in the same area, heading west. Finally, NJ State Police and Winslow Police determined the rocks were coming from the end of Kali Drive, where the teens were found thanks to surveillance video. says, the teens are being charged with:

  • aggravated assault
  • 10 counts of criminal mischief
  • 9 counts of weapons possession
  • 9 counts of interference with transportation
  • 9 counts of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose

I bet those teens are currently asking themselves if their antics was actually worth it. More importantly, wtf were they thinking.

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