Domino's continues to do what they do best: feed people pizza.

Locally-owned Domino's stores throughout the tri-state area have just announced that a total of 56,600 pizzas will be donated to their local communities starting this week.

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This means that more than 280 Domino's locations will each donate 200 pizzas to local hospitals, medical centers, schoolkids and their families, health departments, grocery store workers and others who are in need.

“We want to show how much we appreciate and support those who are in need of a hot meal, and those who are on the frontline, working to save lives,” said John Hall, a New York Domino's franchisee. “We hope that this simple act will bring a small sense of normalcy and a smile to their faces.”

Domino's will be donating pizzas to people in need across the entire country and will donate more than 1.2 million pizzas -- or about 10 million slices -- total.

THESE are the stories I love to write about and tell you about.

THESE are the stories that uplift others, even when just reading them.

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Keep making me proud.

And if you are someone who is in NEED of help or think that you know a location that is more than deserving of Domino's pizza, please reach out to Domino's Media Relations Contact at

You can take a look at how the Domino's franchises and team members are giving back HERE.

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