Maybe the hustle and bustle of Jersey Shore living are just not exciting enough for you. Maybe it's time you look into buying the wild west town that's for sale.

Yes, there is a wild west town for sale, but we just want to warn you. If you were born and raised in Monmouth or Ocean County, you should be very aware of the major differences in lifestyle you'll be encountering if you make this move.

Let's face it, living in this area comes with its own unique set of circumstances, but I believe a move to a wild west town would calm your life down a bit. Imagine that, going to a town with "wild " in its description to get away from it all. Only a Jersey Shore resident will understand.

We thought it would be an interesting exercise to compare some of the features of this wild west town to our area. There is literally nothing in common.

The Difference Between Jersey Shore Life And Wild West Life

First of all, in all the photos of this town, which by the way is a replica of an actual old town, I do not see a Starbucks, and for us, that might be strikes one and two. But let's see what it does have, and how that compares to what we have around here.

For the record, says you can have the town for a mere $4.7 million. It's located in Colorado, so the commute is going to be a bit of a bear, but you can name it whatever you want.

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