Flea markets are all the rage in the summertime to shop for unique finds and lots of antiques you can’t find anywhere else.

New Jersey has a great number of them throughout the state, some that are open all year round and some that are seasonal but are open as we speak.

Nikola Đuza via Unsplash
Nikola Đuza via Unsplash

And there’s more to do than just shopping. Don’t forget to take a break and try out some of the flea markets' outstanding food that some are actually known for.

For example, there’s Kate & Al’s Pizza at the Columbus Farmers Market.

and also Dutch Funnel Cake at Berlin Farmer’s Market.

Dutch Funnel Cake - S'mores Funnel Cake (Ali Gian)
Dutch Funnel Cake - S'mores Funnel Cake (Ali Gian)

What kind of gems do you find at flea markets? Here’s a list of ones in the Garden State that you can shop and hopefully find some great treasures:

Columbus Farmers Market in Columbus

Berlin Farmer’s Market in Berlin

New Egypt Flea Market Village in New Egypt

Englishtown Auction/Flea Market in Manalapan

Collingwood Auction & Flea Market in Farmingdale

Golden Nugget Flea Market in Lambertville

Cowtown Farmers Market in Pilesgrove

New Meadowlands Market at Metlife Stadium

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