On Wednesdays, I dive into the conversation with the largest-in-the-state audience and see if there are problems facing average New Jerseyans that I can help solve.

We've been doing this for some time and we've learned a lot of what Jerseyans consider the top problems in our state.

Here are the top four:

Taxes, fees, tolls

The biggest complaint was about the spike in costs during the lockdowns.

The combination of an increase in living, commuting, and doing business is hurting average people.

Many NJ residents are still struggling to keep their job and/or the doors open on their business — it is one of the reasons we're still seeing a major exodus from the Garden State.

To Catch a Toll Thief

Road conditions, construction, and potholes

The pothole situation seems to be getting worse.

While we see millions in tax dollars wasted on politically motivated construction like the "Peter Biondi Bypass" in Hillsborough, we see very little in the way of fixing the current condition of so many of our roads.

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Broken Government Services - especially MVC and DOL

From unemployment systems that frustrate workers desperate to get paid to cover their own rent and food expenses to CDL drivers waiting sometimes months to get service for simple renewals, New Jersey government is broken.

Hours waiting on hold, endless transfers on the phone, and then, if you're lucky enough to get someone, no help is offered.

Flemington MVC, Photo by Craig Allen
Flemington MVC, Photo by Craig Allen

Spike In Rental Costs

Rents have gone up by approximately 30% which is devastating to tenants on a fixed income or any working-class family already struggling with the cost of living in NJ.

The problem is bigger than just blaming landlords for spiking the costs.

Rent Prices Rise Across The Nation Adding To Inflation Woes
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Let's face it, the governor has blown up the debt and the spending in NJ which has led to a dramatic rise in taxes. Landlords are barely hanging on with the cost of maintenance let alone keeping up with taxes.

Just like the rise in the cost of food production and delivery spikes local supermarket costs, the same goes with renters. The moratorium on evictions may have hurt the most as many renters simply didn't pay the rent and knew they could not be evicted.

The solution involves protecting BOTH landlords and tenants and dramatically cutting government costs to stabilize and lower the tax burden.

If you have something to add to the list, please hit me up on the free New Jersey 101.5 app.

Remember, the solutions are not overnight, but longer term. Stick with me and dig in. The fight to restore sanity and normalcy in New Jersey is just getting started.

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