💲💲 New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation, and it isn't even close

💲💲 Property taxes hit a record high in 2022

💲💲 What NJ town pays the highest property taxes?

New Jersey is infamous for having the highest property taxes in the nation, but the tax bills in some towns are downright eye popping.

The average property tax bill in the Garden State hit a new record in 2022, according to figures from the New Jersey Treasury, coming in at $9,490.

While a 2% property tax cap has been in place since 2011, both property values and property taxes have steadily increased.

The cap was signed into law by then-Governor Chris Christie. At the time, the average property tax bill was $7,759.

When Phil Murphy took over in 2018, that figure had risen by 13%.

🔺 We're number one...with a bullet

According to a recent WalletHub survey, New Jersey is in no danger of relinquishing the claim of the having highest property taxes in the U.S.

Connecticut comes in second, and it isn't even close.

The average property tax bill in Connecticut is $6,153, some 43% higher than New Jersey.

Where are the highest property taxes in the state with the highest property taxes?

All of the municipalities in New Jersey with the highest property taxes come in at least double the state average.

Summit City, in Union County, has a property tax bill averaging $18,244, putting them at the bottom of the Top 20 list.

Essex County has the most communities on list of most expensive property taxes. All have average bills over $20,000.

Only a couple shore towns make the list. Deal (13) and Rumson (5) in Monmouth County and Mantaloking (15) in Ocean County.

Princeton, in Mercer County, comes in at number 10.

Little town, BIG property tax bills

The title of most expensive property taxes in all of New Jersey goes to the tiny Borough of Tavistock in Camden County.

And we mean tiny.

At .28 square miles, Tavistock has a population of less than 10 people.

It is essentially a golf course.

Members of the private Tavistock Country Club petitioned the state legislature to create the town so they play golf on Sunday. A local blue law prohibited any sporting activities on Sunday. In 1921, the legislature complied, and Tavistock Borough was born.

Keep reading to see where else residents pay the highest and lowest property taxes in New Jersey and how your town compares.

Top 20 highest average property tax bills in NJ for 2022

Based on the average residential property tax bill for each town in New Jersey in 2022, these are the 20 highest.

Top 20 lowest property tax towns in NJ in 2022

In descending order, these 20 towns had the lowest average property tax bills in 2022.

Up or down? Average property tax changes in NJ in 2022

Below are the average property tax bills for every municipality in New Jersey last year.

The towns are listed from the biggest cut in the average bill to the highest increase. On the county maps, the deeper red color means a higher increase above 2% whereas the darker green signifies a smaller increase or a reduction.

Each listing also shows how the average tax bill is split among the county, school and municipal governments.

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