OK haters and nerds.  Get your comic books facts straight. I know you might disagree with me on this one, but Superman is the greatest superhero of all time and I'll prove it to you.


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I grew up reading the DC Comics and especially the Superman comics.  Even though I later became a Marvel guy (mostly because of the movies), I still held strong to Superman being the greatest American hero of all time.



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    Unlike most heroes, Superman has his head on straight

    Superman's real parents died when Planet Krypton blew up.  Jonathan Kent also died in numerous different stories.  The reason why I say 'numerous' is because the writers keep changing and rebooting the story of Superman.  So, technically, his Father on Earth has died several times.  That must take a toll! Maybe for his secret identity, Clark Kent, but not Superman.  He continues to save the world (mostly Lois Lane.  She's such a pain in the butt, right?)

    Bruce Wayne's overall mission was to find out who killed his parents.  This mission eventually led to him become the Dark Knight (Batman)  He's constantly depressed and living in a dark cave beneath his mansion.

    Spiderman got bid by some spider.  Created a costume that looks like pajamas, and makes up corny jokes while he swings on a web.

    Bottom line:  Batman and Spiderman need some serious help, while Superman continues to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

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    Superman knows how to be human, even though he's not

    Superman is an alien.  After years of being raised on a farm, 'Clark Kent' moved on to the big city of Metropolis. In each of these lives, he was very successful and fit in well with the crowd.  The point is is that he can live both lives effectively.

    Most of the other heroes were once human.  They struggle with their identities (Wolverine, Batman) and try to conform to the world.  Granted, Bruce Wayne has no problem owning most of Gotham, but there is still an inner darkness that he has hard time dealing with.

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    Anybody can become a mutant or wear a costume with weapons. Nobody can be Superman

    Superman once died.  That started the 'Reign of the Supermen' series, where four imposters (one of them was a cyborg villian) claimed to be Superman.  Some of the imposters were laughable and some left me scratching my head.  They wore the costume, they made themselves fly, and they even tried to be romantic with Lois Lane. In the end, truth, justice, and the American way prevailed, and Superman came back from the dead.

    Batman got his back broken one time, and that left him out of commission for a lot longer time than it took Superman to be reincarnated.

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