To say the least, the weather this week has been B R U T A L !

Needless to say this week was one of the more warmer, stickier weeks of summer so far. I mean we are in the 'dog days' after all, but oh my just breathing outside was difficult. It almost makes me wish fall was here already.

By the way you should check out my open letter to summer for more on that after this. But I thought we could reflect today on how South Jersey thought of the weather we had this past week starting with Monday.

For the record I think we could all relate to every single person who commented below.

Hector Acevedo Jr on Facebook knows what's up.

Don't you mean thumbs down, Aldous Pasagui?

Sandy D'Aloia, LOL!

Dan Adkisson, I'm pretty sure my cat is doing this right now back at home!

Right in the feels, Samantha DeLarso!

My personal favorite from Christine Choinacki-crumling.

Amy Zar has the best representation of the past week, hands down.

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