It's no surprise that New Jersey is full of wealth, despite being so expensive to live in. Or perhaps our high cost of living is why we're so wealthy, even if it doesn't feel like we are.

Think about it for a moment and look at how much farther the dollar can get you in another state when compared to how far it gets you here. The difference can be quite jarring.

The following list takes a look at all 50 states and the richest towns within that state. And to note, if we were to look at strictly richest towns, then more in New Jersey would've fallen on this list.

But being it's only looking at the richest town in each state, it's safe to say you'll only see New Jersey once. And as you might've guessed, this New Jersey town's median income is quite high.


As you're checking out the list state-by-state, take note of all the median incomes. It'll become pretty obvious with some of these towns just how much more you can stretch your hard-earned cash.

The list is in alphabetical order, so you'll see New Jersey appear right around the middle, with the last state on the list being Wyoming. Speaking of which, wait until you see how low the median income is in that state.

With that said, let's check it out and see how we compare.

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