This is the one thing that has bothered me the most when it comes to dining in South Jersey. It's without a doubt something that always comes up whenever my friends/family and I are deciding on where to eat.

Why is there only ONE Cracker Barrel in South Jersey? The lone location in Pennsville barely even counts as being in Jersey as it's practically on the border of Delaware. A few other options include Mt. Holly and Mt. Laurel, which are also a bit of a hike for this Atlantic County guy.

If I must, I'm willing to drive 1+ hour each way just to eat at my favorite spot, but why not build another closer to Atlantic County?

Like many others, when I think of Cracker Barrel, I think of Florida. The Sunshine State basically has a Cracker Barrel on every corner! Using Cracker Barrel's Store Locator - I was given 54 restaurants to choose from in Florida. 54! In New Jersey, I was given 6. This just makes me and my poor stomach sad.

So I ask you, IF another Cracker Barrel were to be built in the South Jersey area, where would you like to see it? Hammonton? Buena? Atlantic City? Also, which chain restaurant would you like to see come to our area?

Leave your comment below and let us know what you think.

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