This is the world we live in now folks, get used to it.

If you haven't started shopping around for Halloween costumes by now, then you are far behind. But if you want to go as something different, and be the center of attention you might want to take a gander at this.

If you always wanted to be an "Influencer," here is your chance. Urban Outfitters is releasing an, and I can't believe I'm saying this, "Influencer" costume this year. Now you are probably saying, "What in the bleep is an 'Influencer'?" Let me educate you.

The description for their costume reads, “Channel Instagram style in this low key costume set worthy of a superstar influencer. Featuring minimalist sporty-chic sports bra + leggings in muted tonal hues for a look that’s so now.”

Oh wait, it gets better.

It costs $59, and doesn’t include the sunglasses, sneakers, or a black baseball cap that photo shows.

I can't jump into a DeLorean time machine fast enough and travel back to 1955, this is nuts.

But you know, someone out there will buy this costume and by thrilled with it. Go nuts, I'm not going to stop you from achieving happiness, I'll let others do that. But I will say this is the craziest costume I've seen so far for 2018.

What happened to all the doctors and zombies?

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